BLE and ESP32 just a new test example (send and receive in UART Service)

Dear all,
though the great help of @juan_antonio's examples, in the past days I've been fighting against BLE and ESP32 and I've felt in multiple troubles before having it working (honestly I'm a big supporter of the older and simpler classic BT. but anyway....).
At the end I succeded to make it functioning and, since the spirit of the community is to share knowledge, I'm pleased to post my work.
You'll find annexed the .aia, the .ino and a ,pdf that shows step-by-step what I've done, the HW and SW I've used, and the explanation with plenty of images.
I hope it could be of some help.

BLE_Test.aia (248.8 KB)
BLETestAI2_uart.ino (5.9 KB)
BLE_Test.pdf (502.2 KB)