Black Screen while launching the app

Hello, everyone.
A black screen will always display while launching an app I created on app inventor.

How can I get rid of it?


Do you have many things running in your Screen1.Initialise event ?

At all. Check below. That is the only thing I have on my screen one.


You show a movie of 1 second. How long do you see the black screen?

What is in Home.Initialize?

Thanks for your reply.
I think what matters here is that it happened, even if it was for five milliseconds. And this is not the first app I will create on the platform. Almost all of them showed a black screen while launching.

Here is it:

blocks (1)

Are you using a big resolution image on Screen1? Have you tried disable /remove the image?

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I think you are thinking wrong. App Inventor apps have to do a number of things before launching the visual part of the app so that you have a black or white screen even so shortly, depending on the theme, when starting is standard.

An image not optimised for Android will cause a longer delay before being displayed - on some phones, it can crash the App.

Thanks @Kevinkun . I have been trying to reduce the resolution of the images. I will feed you back.

Does that mean in some app, it is bound to happen?

Thanks for the resources @ChrisWard . Learning something.

It happens always but in some apps you won't notice it and in some apps you will.

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Oh! I see.
How can I manage it?

Try not to overload Screen1.Initialize and ensure that all images are optimised for Android - including the launch icon.

Post the aia.

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