Black screen in listpicker

To whom this may concern

I am using some list pickers. Some of the return a black screen even thougt they are just as the others. I have read of some bug where this may happen. How can i test if the built version will have the same problem?
Sry the code is vaste but the code for the listpickers is on the right side.


found the bug

If the number of blocks increases as the size of the data, you are doing it wrong.

What is your app supposed to do?

The app is big and uses data from a firebase in several topics. I will have to search on many name combinations. I will have a product name, strenght, amount, and wanted place to buy. On a google map it is possible to find the products and which are still in stock.
The blocks you see are the front page where a search is possible. List pickers make sure the user installed data is genuine enough to compare from one user to the other.

The fact that I see the drug name cilodex appearing in a text block tells me that you have dug yourself into a deep hole.

Your 'vast' app is full of hardwired data values in text blocks.

Those should have been entries in a formulary table of drugs, available online or in a file in Assets, with each entry in that table listing one drug for sale and its attributes, like

  • unique drug name
  • chemical name
  • manufacturer
  • dosage
  • form factor
  • quantity
  • units (ml/pill)

and a separate online table holding regional stock availability of each drug.

Your List Picker Elements for the various desired drug attributes should be loaded at run time from the formulary table, not hardwired in the app.

If you keep on this path, your app will become too big to maintain in the AI2 Blocks Editor, and will become obsolete the moment each new drug goes on sale.

True. That is why this is just a prototype for selling the idea. By the way this prototype will still draw on firebase as a hold for the drugs. It is only now that i am building the app that i use direct strings to limit risk of bugs. Later i will connecht the app to firebase for more drugs. However it is not nessasary to do more than show it is possible in a prototype. I have been working on the final app in xamarin forms and azure, but the coding takes to much time for my deadline.