BkashPayment extension - Integrate bKash payment flow [1.0.1-beta]

BkashPayment extension - Integrate bKash payment flow [1.0.1-beta]

An extension to make bKash merchant payment from your android application. Just import the extension and setup your credentials.

What is bKash?

bKash is a mobile financial service in Bangladesh. As a mobile financial service (MFS) provider in Bangladesh through bKash users can deposit money into their mobile accounts and then access a range of services, in particular transferring and receiving money domestically, making payments. Services like mobile recharge or paying utility bills. A user can receive money from overseas on bKash.

Bkash payment gateway integration in android with PHP web server.

Keep API file on your hosting & change the credential.

How to setup extension with credentials?

  1. Upload PHP files on your hosting. (You'll get zip files with the extension.)
  2. Set the payment.php file link as HostLink on extension block.
    Example: https://www.hosting.com/api/payment.php


  1. Edit and change config_live.php file from hosting with your merchant account credentials.
  2. Now set the amount to start payment flow. A popup bKash payment flow will be open.


  1. PageStarted means the extension is starting the payment flow.


  1. PageFinished means the extension is finished it's loading.


  1. PaymentSuccess means the payment process is completed. Also it's return payment id, transaction id, amount and json response as string.


  1. PaymentError means the extension got any error. It's return the error reason as string.


Extension Specifications:

[mod edit: removed misleading download link]
Telegram link for contact: Telegram: Contact @jewelshkjony
Version: 1.0.1-beta
Price: $25 USD (2000 Taka only for Bangladeshi)
Supported builder: Kodular, Niotron, App Inventor and it's other distributions.
Last amendment: 05 July 2022


Nice one! However I can't afford it =(((


Amazing! Can we use it as a payment gateway for ecommerce site?

Yes, please read the updated topic from here ↓

I'll update here as soon as possible.