Binary Data to Video Stream

Hi Everyone! I'm building an app for my robot with ESP32-CAM as main board. The ESP32-CAM sends both video and commands through a single websocket on port 82.the commands are sent as strings and the video is sent as binary data. I Have Successfully able to send commands to ESP32-CAM through WebSocketConnector Extension in app Inventor but had no luck in video stream.
The Following line is responsible for sending video as binary in ESP32-CAM loop.

client.sendBinary((const char *)fb->buf, fb->len);

And this is the code from previous web based version of controller (html.css.js):

    if ( instanceof Blob) {
      var urlObject = URL.createObjectURL(;
      view.src = urlObject;

I need to convert the binary data coming from ESP32-CAM to videostream on app inventor.