Better option to change parameter of different UI Items?

Hello everyone,

I try to create a dynamic screen with labels, buttons, checklist and something with an CSV.

So I read the CSV with parameters for the screen like the name of the row, if it's read only or read/write, item for the value or a checkbox and stuff like that.
I created rows with unvisible items and change the right item to visible if I need it. In order to copy and paste the rows and let decide by the csv what input to show.
For example:
Name of Parameter [Checkbox]
Name of Parameter _________ (0-255)

But I would do that for many rows. At least 16, but I think in the future I would need more than that, so I think doing that for about 32 or 100 would be the best.
I named the items with a scheme (Register_Name_1)

But: I have to do that for every row because I have to use an item to change the parameters for every single UI item (like the label for the name).

So I thought there must be a more efficent method to do that and even if I would change something I have to do that for every single row and its a huge pain.

Is it possible to change the UI item adress/ID with my program?
A for loop to change the last number or something?

Is there another way I didn't see to make a amount of similar rows?

Best regards

You can use the Dynamic Components extension (GitHub) to create elements and change their parameters, without having to make them previously.

Thanks for the sonic speed reply

Sounds interesting, I try that later.

If you want to avoid extensions, here is a grid of either buttons or labels, depending on the loaded puzzle:

Failed Game.jpg


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