Best way to add multiple items to a list all at once?

I'm working on a name generator that I can add names to after it's finished. I can add names via a text box and add button right now, but I'm running into the problem of adding multiple names to the list.

My first idea is to just copy/paste all the names into the text box with commas seperating them, then use split to break it up and add that on to my names list. My only problem with this is that the text box is either far too tiny, or I have to put it on a brand new screen so that it's not unwieldy to use.

My other idea is to somehow get at the original list file that it reads from on my phone in and change it there. Problem: that's still kind of complicated, even if it works, and I'd rather do this all in the app.

I'd like to be able to just upload a TXT or CSV file in the app and have it replace the current asset file, but I don't know if that's even possible, since there's not any kind of file picker component.

Is one of the first two methods truly the best that's out there? Is the last one possible, and if so, how? Am I just missing something?

I am brand new to the app, so there may be something obvious that I just can't see lol ^^"

Consider maintaining your "names list" on a google sheet.

You can then download the names list as csv list data and update your app list.

Yes there is.

If you have a CSV file on the device already, you can load it into the App via the CSV Blocks....... However, it sounds like the kind of App that will have a lot of data (a lot of names) so either an online storage like Google Sheets or offline storage like a database would be better, if you need controls whereby the App can display a List of, say, only names beginning with B.

You could probably produce a Blocks List of Names for each letter and load a ListView with the User's choice of Letter from the appropriate List. In terms of App response speed, it would be fast and avoids internet dependency. Blocks lists can be added to/subtracted from and sorted, but producing the initial lists to make them is the hard work part. If you already have text files or CSV files for each separate letter, I can turn those into Blocks Lists for you (free) with my automation program (which I must get around to making available on my Site sometime).