Best practices utilizing Realtime Firebase DB

What is the best practices storing multiple data to db if I want them to be accessible for all users?

I'm creating this app where I rely a lot on my firebase DB and the backend. I want to hear some of your suggestions.


Additionally, I want to know if this is possible to create using MIT app inventor. P.S. I'm an amateur MIT app inventor developer :slight_smile: .

You should be able to create such an app.

Do you want "all users" to be able to write data or only read the data ?

Will all your users be authenticated using firebase authentication or is the firebase data read and write true ?

You can use the available firebase extensions to manage authentication, or you can use the web component and the Firebase REST api.

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Im done mostly creating sign-in sign-up. I used Firebase REST api and web component which I saw from one of your suggestions.

How can I separate two users such as "customer" and the "shop owner" using firebase?

Place customers under a customer node (projectBucket) and shop owners under a shopOwner node (projectBucket) and set your rules accordingly

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