Besoin d'aide pour un jeu que j'ai deja realise en python

j'ai besoin de j'ai besoin de vos expérience pour finaliser mon jeu avec app inventor.

le but du jeu est le suivant :
But Jeu

Please translate the goal of the game and tour blocks into English as you may get more help that way.

salut Max. Tu as pu trouver la solution a ton probleme? Si non qu'est ce qui te bloques?

Non pas encore. Vous avez une solution qui peux m'aider ?

GOAL : The goal of the game is to find a random number between 1 and 100 by having at most 10 attempts.
To each proposal of the player, the animator (the program) responds with
 It's more
 It's less
 Congratulations! You have found the right number.
If after 10 attempts the player has not found the right answer, the program ends the game by announcing that the game is lost.


A for each number loop will not help in this case.. you have to give the player some time to guess the next number...just remove the for each number loop...

Use a global variable to count the attempts and add another if statement to find out, if the max number of attempts has been reached...

The first if statement needs an else.. put the second if statement inside that else statement...

Put that into blocks, test it and if you need additional help, post an updated screenshot of your relevant blocks


OK. i try it.

Taifun beat me to it. Try that and let us know :slight_smile: