Besides TABLEVIEW, how do you view some of the data collected from a form?

I want to make an app that can display a list of data from a form. In that form there're categories we can choose, I want the data to be sorted by value* from the category. And if possible, only the name is displayed, then when we click on the name, all the information collected from the form can be seen.

*By value means: I want to make some condition like, if category A < B = C and so on

I just wondering how to make the user interface more appealing, and I don't really know if MIT app inventor can do that or not.

show some examples of what you mean....

Kind of like this

What you want to do is not at issue.

You said you wanted the user interface to be more appealing.....

Yes.. instead of using tableview, I just don't want to use table tho...
So it is possible? And how to do that?

You can use the extensions at App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps
to make modifications to the way your app is presented.

Which one's? You can shop using the provided descriptions for the tools that look interesting. There are extensions that change the UI from they way the basic App Inventor presentations.

Your diagram is similar to YAML format.

Here's a sample: