Behavior doesnt stop for input

FloorPlan.aia (250.7 KB)

on initializing, i call for SetLocation

when i go through set location i test if either location or image is blank, if so i open a new virtual screen and i have field to populate , but it doesnt stop to fill. it contiues down the path of initializing.

i need it to stop and not pass empty fields.

i feel like i need coffee and this should not be an issue... going for coffee if anyone wants to chime in :slight_smile:

Can you daisy chain the events?

Move the second initialization phase to the completion event of the first long running initialization.

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Try like this

(you may want to move ShowFloor to the bottom of ShowLocation ?)


i want to avoid daisy chains for ease of following , but moving block to the end solves the problem in this instance

the next issue will be that ShowFloor needs the variables populated in setLocation

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