Beginning with dynamic components - need advices to alleviate structure

:partying_face: I downloaded my first extension : dynamic components from yusufcihan

it looks great ... but I can't even manage creating a Label. So I assume I must do something wrong, and the explanations are less clear (less explicit) to me than the regular infos in AI2.

This is what I tried (unsuccessfully)

Can someone explain what I am doing wrong ?
Thanks again

PS : my goal = creating as many labels as there are lines in a text-file

If the comments in the extension topic

do not help, see the following:

thank you ... but I feel so stupid :sob: I can't understand the second link you gave (I don't even manage to read the blocks, too small ... I must be tired, or in panic)

I noticed that I manage to create a button or a switch (good start), but following the FAQ I can't modify text or background color

where comes the green "Button1" from ? as you may have seen in my unsuccessfull try, I can only have a green "dynamiccomponent1". I don't fully understand the different possible values for componentName parameter.

There's something I am obviously missing. Who can show or explain ? :pray:

---- EDIT (I continue searching - I hope my attempts, question ... or success can help a future me encountering the same problem) ---

This is much better !
I think I have what I needed to go forward :smile:

I am Happy :slight_smile: This is the structure I wanted to build to display a dialogue from a text-file (whaterver it's length ; in this example dialogue.txt (1.6 KB) ) with one speaker on the right and the other speaker on the left (+/- chat-like).
Nevertheless it seems to me a rather "heavy" structure ; there are many repetitions of the same elements.
So I'm coming back to you looking for advices : how can I make this structure lighter ?

Other question : is it the case that one cannot set some component properties in blocks ? (I didn't find : shape of button, text alignment in labels) ?


Thank you for your advices :slight_smile:

Use call dynamic components.Set property block, see an example

Also you can use set properties block and with the use of dictionary blocks set all properties at once