[Beginner] Need help with getting an object to move vertically

Hello, I'm a complete beginner in MIT App Inventor and I need some help. I have an image sprite, and I want it to be able to do 2 things:

  1. Spawn on the top of the canvas, move vertically until it reaches the bottom of the canvas, respawn at the top, and once again move vertically, etc.
  2. Make the image sprite to be able to spawn anywhere on the x-axis (in the canvas).

Attached is what I have so far. I think that I've gotten the respawning to work, as well as having the fish (my image sprite) spawn anywhere on the x-axis. I have no idea how to make the image sprite move vertically so assistance would be appreciated. As for the y-axis respawn position, I know that the numbers may be off, but I can fix that myself later on. Right now, I have where the image sprite spawns/respawns to -400 and where the image sprite disappears (to respawn) at 400.

Thanks you for all of the help.

Screenshot 2022-11-27 10.23.17 PM

method 1,
to make a sprite moving, you need to set 3 properties: Heading, Interval, Speed.
Heading to 0 means moving right, 90 up, 180 left, 270 down.
Interval, the smaller the faster,
Speed, the bigger the faster.

method 2,
And of course, you always can use a seperate Clock.Timer to move the sprite.

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The Sprite EdgeReached event is a good place to catch the fish running off the Screen, is you check which edge number it reached. The block tool tip should give you their values.

Y coordinates start at 1 for the top of the screen, and increase as you move down the screen, so restarting the fish would probably need a y = 0 assignment. Tweak the 0 to taste.