Battery Wifi Location cheker made with mit app inventor

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This app was made by - M.Sazeen
- M.Saqib

Desription - battery wifi location app will check your location and display it on a map using a marker. it will also show the status of the battery in your phone. plus it can check the wifi details too It is Completely Safe. THere is also a speedcheck feature also.

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Why not post some screenshots of your app? And maybe tell what extensions you used.


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Version 1.2 above i added speed in location check and improved the design

I USED Extensions such as

TaifunWifi from Pura Vida apps,
TaifunBattery from Pura Vida Apps,

You can download many extensions from Pura Vida apps and Kodular extensions

Tric for speed check is use a webviewer and set it's home URL to

Speedtest by Ookla which will check any WiFi speed on one click.

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post some suggestions for me please

I have posted version 1.0 already and now i redesigned the startup with a loader and some gradient extension usage plus I added extra location features such as speed and steps walked

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Mohamed Sazeen

link for version 1.0 Battery Wifi Location cheker made with mit app inventor - App Showcase - MIT App Inventor Community

batterywifloationchecggker (1).aia (434.1 KB)

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Good app :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: