Basic Understanding of CloudDB (and using Lists to store and manipulate data)

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thank you for reading my lines and please be gentle in case I missed the threads or docs where all my questions might be answered. I didn't find them. If you know them, I'd be glad to study them.

Now, can I save a table of x lines and y columns?
E.g., if I wanted to save a shopping list, with values of "What Item", "Where To Buy", "Must Be Bought (Yes/No)", how could I do this? Will I have to join these three values into one value?
If I put "What Item" in one tag, "Where" in a second and "Y/N" in another, are they still connected in a way? How could I sort or e.g. just show items that must be bought?

I do neither expect nor want to get a complete tutorial, but hopefully u see where my lack of knowledge is and give me a hint where to go...


In AppInventor, you have lists and dictionaries that you can save to CloudDB. There are also different blocks with which you can process lists or dictionaries.


Hey, so dictionaries seem to be what I was lookin for :smile:
Haven't even seen them before, omg. I'll take a look and hopefully get what I wanted.
Thank you for your fast reply!

Welcome Sebastian.

Is this what you want to do

The csv is what,where,status\nboat,ocean,true\nairplane,sky,false\ntruck,road,true

Store the data as a List is one way to handle your database. when using a nonSQL database like a CloudDB

Woot! Another way to do it, where I was afraid that there isn't any at all :joy:
On 1st sight, working with csv's looks even easier than with dictionaries, but I'll take a look at both.
Thank you very much!
Have a brilliant weekend all of you!