Basic card game:"Higher, lower or what"

I challenge you to try out the card game "Higher, lower or what" to get 150 points.
This is the first version and it has only 1 level.
Please, give me feedback about the payout system: by pressing the button to gamble for, you can see then your potential score. Other feedback also welcome.
I would like to add AI later.

Higher, lower or what

You could also show (off) some screenshots of your game, which will encourage users to try it out.


Also pls share the link to download, it was maybe edited by mods due to any rule violation.

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I wasn't allowed to link directly to my apk, sorry, although I didn't expected anything suspicious at my own website for wich I pay. It became too late in the evening to create a game page at my favorite platform.

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Then upload it in google drive and share the public link here.

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