Baseball Pitching Target Information Display - Feasibility Quest

I am trying to build an electronic pitching target that tracks the baseball's position thru an XY matrix of lasers and light sensors. I have s small model of the target built using 11X16 sensors, a Teensy 4.1 and 2 Mcp23017 port expanders. I can successfully capture the position of the ball as it passes through and am currently gathering materials to upsize to approximately 90X50 sensors. I had originally planned on using some sort of LED display to represent the matrix and the ball's position after each pitch. Also to display various other information: total pitches, total strikes, total balls along with the current inning, outs, current pitch count, etc. The only manual user input currently planned is a button to press to register a wild pitch if the ball completely misses the target and a 'hit by pitch' input button in the case where a dummy batter is positioned in front of the target and gets hit.
After running across this group, I'm wondering if I could use an Android tablet running an app created with the MIT app inventor site, and connected via Bluetooth, to do it instead...
So.... Can I display a representation of the strike zone in an app and then include the position of a pitch as sent over from the Teensy? Can the app track and display various variables as they are sent over from the Teensy and store the coordinates of each pitch? Ideally, the data from each pitch would be stored in an array until the practice session is over and then the pitcher be able to go back thru the entire session pitch by pitch.
Does any of this sound like something that can be created with the App Inventor?? Before I get started trying to learn this, instead of learning about LED displays, I'd like to feel comfortable that what I want to do is possible!
Any input would be greatly appreciated!