Base64 extension help

I have some doubts about using the base64 extension by @Juan_Antonio

What do these blocks do?

I need to convert img to Base64, which will not be saved in tiny dB but instead just to display it directly to textbox
And also, how to convert the base64 text in textbox and directly make it as the picture of the image component

Try a small image.
A large image will take a long time to display in a TextBox.

Do you know why you need to convert a file to base64? What is your purpose ?

I thought of sending it to spreadsheet
So base64 would be good (I think)

But I don't know about these blocks

About which will convert a image/audio into base64 and which one does the vice-versa

the FileToString option

This is for what?

to convert your file to base 64

What your app is all about

How to use these blocks

Just trying to convert image to Base64 and vice-versa

Tried other way:

I want to convert image from image picker to Base64 and the base64 need to be displayed in the textbox

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Most image files will generate a very long string.

Google Sheets cells can only hold a maximum of 50,000 characters.

Most image file base64 encoded strings are greater than 50,000 characters

Unless you have a complicated string splitting/combining routine and a script to recover the split strings from the sheet, storing base64 encoded images in google sheets is not a practical solution.

You can use the extension to encode to base64 and then upload the image to your google drive, creating a link which can be set to a google sheet.

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Re-opened this Topic because Hisham hit an issue that was not solved and I have the same issue, extension returns "File not Found". In Hisham's case, it was a file selected via the ImagePicker. In my case, it's a photo taken with the Camera:


Issue is the same, Companion and APK.

PhotoBase64.aia (15.4 KB)