Barstool (Status & Navigation Bar Tool)

This is simple extension to change status and navigation bar as your need.
By using this extension you are able to :

  • Change status bar text color (1 for light / 2 for dark)
  • Change navigation bar icon color (1 for light / 2 for dark)
  • Make status bar fully transparent
  • Set status bar visibility (True / False)
  • Set navigation bar visibility (True / False)
  • Change color of status and navigation bar

com.xtiger.barstool.aix (16.8 KB)

com.xtiger.barstool.aix (21.8 KB) v2

com.xtiger.barstool.aix (21.9 KB) v3

BarsTool.aia (18.5 KB)


Very good!
Also great, that the extension accepts color blocks...

which environment are you using to develop the extension?

it would be more user friendly to add helper blocks for the mode (Light or Dark), see also Adding Helper Blocks to a Component and How to add a Dropdown Block to a Component


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Seems to use a different method for hiding the StatusBar than the one already provided in Screen Properties. One does not "undo" the other, and the behaviour, e.g. on "false" and swipe is different.

It also might be useful to provide some property blocks that indicate the state of each of the bars?

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Made using rush.
Sure , i will try it.
if anyone needs source code download from here barstool - Google Drive

  ## Newly Added Functions ##


Download link updated in first post

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I try to hide the navigation bar and at the same time to have a transparent status bar, but it does not do it.
When I hide the navigation bar, the status bar lose it's transparency. And when I make the statusbar transparent, the navigation bar becomes to be visible.