Barcodescanner do not work in my case

I create new project with goal to have an .app oin google store.. the app is only a web wrapper since real app is build on a website with another language and with his domine.. and it all work. only problem is when app run a webscanner on screen that work correctly when running app with direct domine withou install with google store. instead when app is instaleld with Goglle stopre barcodescanner not work and it apper like a static icon and there is no way to activate it, I als I tried also added componert barcodescanner but it is the same with or without it. on my app barcode scanner is called using javescript. there is some more stuff I can do so that it can work also when my app is installed using Google store and generated using MIT 2 ai ?

You can disable the "use external scanner" option and it will have a custom scanner

hi, thank I did it but not change Always show me Fixed Icon as was a Movie button start is only a static image , this not change if I use Sensor Barcode scanner with "use external scanner" disabled. or if I do not use at all this sensor. The result is the same, I can see only the same static image instead to be activated the barcodeScanner. If I work directly with original browser link of the app on same phone it work. there is some more that I can do? if you want try it it show login click red button "clicca qui se non hai ancora un account and then "inquadra QrCide Sponsor" it open qrcode scanner and work in this way. I just added on MIT the user interface WebViewer and add home Url it work it open the app using the link and all seem correctl butfor some reason lock the use of barcodescanner.

Have you requested any permissions to use your camera ? (edit - tried this doesn't work)

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You might try using the Custom Webview extension, which will provide camera permission, if requested

using my app out of mit 2 ai, it work only first time ask to use it then use barcodescanner normally . when run WITH mit ai 2 it not require nothing and show me only the static icon. maybe there is some that I can set on config to change this?. when I install app from google store it not ask any autorizathion in the same way and also going to app info config show no authorizations required and when try to use barcode scanner show me the same static icon that I can see when test using .connect with ai companion

I try to import CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer latest custoimwebview but situation is the same.
There is a way to avoid any interference? my app running correctly using access via browser . only reason to use mt 2 was to create app is only to can pubblish it on google store. there is a way to bypass this problem with barcode scanner? I can try to publish the version

You can have a look here.