BarcodeReader and smartphone light/flash

Hello guys, I need to read a QR in every light condition so in case luminosity is low I would like to switch on the smartphone light/flash, reading the QR and then switch off the light/flash. To do that I am using an extension made by Taifun but something is going wrong, seems that .DoScan switches off the light before starting to scan the QR. Normally the extension works very well, I tested it with a couple of buttons (but without the BarcodeReader) and it works as expected.

my flashlight extension will not help in this case...

however there are also other barcode extensions, see the extensions directory here probably one of them offers a flashlight option...



Thanks, I will see at them.

I found one that manages also the light but it has some problems to decode the barcodes, seems that the standard barcode reader works a lot better especially with QR codes.