BARcode scanning

Hello everybody,
I'm new here, this is my first question.
So, is it possible to scann a BARcode instead of a QRcode?
I installed a BARcode scanner app on my mobile but the MIT app
thet I use (using the barcodescanner sensor) probably activates automatically
the QRscanner app installed on the mobile.

Thenks a lot.


You have checked use external app in settings of component ?

Dear @tomgodo , welcome to the community !
If you search across the forum there are many posts related to the barcode reader capability of AI2 and its extensions. For example this (though native of Kodular it is usable on AI2):
Maybe it's not 100% the solution you need, but can give you an idea on how to solve the problem.
Best wishes :crossed_fingers:

Yep! What @Raffaele_Gold has said is definitely correct, as well !

I think that is what you want How To Use Barcode Scanner in MIT App Inventor 2 | Day - 22 - YouTube

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Thenks everybody,
everything was ok at the moment i turned the mobile by 90 dergrees.