Barcode Scanner to terminal with android with an integrated scanner

Hello everybody!

I created a barcode scanner application, which does scans of 2 barcodes and then compares them.
It works on my phone with android because I marked "UseExternalScanner" and I use ZXing app.
The problem I have is, that I want to use this app on the terminal with android with an integrated barcode scanner (Newland MT90). My application uses a photo camera instead of an integrated scanner.
What should I do to solve this problem? Just unmark "UseExternalScanner" or should I do something more?
As a comment, I add, that without the ZXing app, the application doesn't work properly on the terminal.

I will appreciate your help.

hi, Does it not work when you connect the barcode reader directly?
On some devices, the keyboard does not work when the barcode reader is connected to the Android device. It needs to be ticked in the settings so that the keyboard works when an external keyboard is plugged in.