Barcode scanner not working on android 12 device

Im trying to make an app to scan qr codes, when the app launches i can scan the qr code but the app somehow restarts and i cant scan the qr code. My device is realme 7 working on android 12, realme ui 3.0

Please show your relevant blocks

Do you have UseExternalScanner unticked?


Works OK for me on Android 13 in companion app (Google Pixel 4a)

Yes its unclicked. The app just crashes when i scan the qr code and i dont know why.

Seems to be a device specific problem....

Maybe try this:

To find out why use logcat


Well it doesn't work too

I tried to download it but it doesn't detect my phone when i try to download the driver.

Is your device in developer mode with USB debugging turned on? If not, adb will not find it.

Yes it is

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