Barcode Scanner Error

Hello, everyone. Have a nice day ahead!

I am having a problem with the Barcode Scanner component. Upon builiding APK file, an error appeared. I already unchecked the UseExternalScanner, but still the error persists.

Here is the screenshot of the error:

I hope somebody would help me on how to fix that error. Thank you and God bless.

Hello Marsman,

This error probably has nothing to do with the BarcodeScanner component; most likely DX errors have to do with other things.

a) Overuse of specific components, like labels and arrangements. Don't use too much components as the server cannot process overloaded projects.

b) Use of extensions. Some extensions may cause the DX error. To debug your app and find out the extension that causes this error, duplicate your project (Project > Save As, then you will have the chance to rename the duplicated project), remove the extensions one by one and each time, compile the app.

c) Images. I see that you have a tasklist.pngfile; how large is it? What happens when you duplicate the project, remove it and try?

Hope this helps.


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I hope you did not code all your bar code values into a big if then block.

The bar code data should be loaded from text files in the Media folder.

Learn to use lists and looking up values in tables and dictionaries.

Also, your global variable Checked makes no sense.

I suggest reading the original doc where you might have found it:

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Hello @Gordon_Lu , have a nice day ahead!

Thank you for your response. I only used 9 textboxes and labels on this screen. I have Taifun File Extension, MFile Extension and QR Extension. I used those extensions on the other screen to generate QR Code and then save it to my device's ASD. I did not used any of those extensions on the screen where the error appeared as I don't need those extensions in there. I tried your suggestion above. I removed the Barcode Scanner component and after that, the error now disappeared. Maybe, the error was caused by the Barcode Scanner component? Am I right? Hoping for your kind response. Thank you.

Hello @ABG , have a nice day ahead!

Yeah, I did not use any if then block. What I am doing on this screen is that the user will only scan the Barcode/QR Code and display it on a textbox. As simple as that.

Those global variables you have seen on my screenshot especially the "checked" variable is no longer used on this screen. Sorry, I forgot to disable those blocks.

Thank you for your response. God bless you as always.