Barcode scanner error(How can I make the scanner can scan all kinds of qur code?)

Hello, I am doing the barcode scanner app to scan url and viewing in webViewer. However, scanner can't scan the https:// style qr code and only can scan http:// qr code. How can I solve this problem?
Barcode_Scanner_Sensor.aia (2.5 KB)

How are you scanning the barcodes ?
What external scanner are you using (you have this checked) ?
What is the difference in "style" between an "https:// qr code" and an "http:// qr code" ?

I scened using the app which already installed in the phone.
I think I should check which external scanner what I using because I use the school phone(old iPhone) Because my phone is not working.

I don't know what actual problems I have. The cat qr code in the first picture is working with my app, but second picture of qr code is not working.

That second qr code is not working here either.

What is the content?

Oh really? Then, is there any problem with my program? I don't know why I can't scan qr code when I use barcode scanner sensor. The scanner does not recognize the website(url) qr code. However when I scan the barcode from product, it gives the result in barcode's number.

Is that really a QR code? Try scanning with an external app and see what result you get.

The first QR code is given from my class and second is generated by app. I followed this tutorial, but ZXing App for scanning couldn't install in my phone. Because it is for old version of Android. Therefore, I tried in my school phone which is IPhone, and it works for first code(Cat website). The problem is other code which from any Google image of QR codes are bring the error. When I go the school tomorrow, I'll try it again.

What is the content of that second qr code?

second qr code was about this website

Try this:



I got it. Could you tell about which app that I can install scanner app for android? If you don't know, it's fine also. Then, I will try it in school with other phone.

Have you tried with ExternalBarcodeScanner unchecked ? Works well enough for me....

It works!!! I really appreciate you spending the time for solve my problem together. Thank you so much

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