Barcode Scanner, 3 questions

Hello to everyone, I have 3 questions about the barcode scanner, I don't know if this is possible

  1. How do I turn off screen rotation when starting the Barcode Scanner? I need it to work in portrait orientation

  2. How to overlay text and image on the scanning screen while the scanner scans the code?

  3. It is necessary that only part of the text from the code is displayed in the Text Box. For example, the code contains the text: 1 + 3 = 5
    It is necessary that only what is written before the equal sign is displayed in the Text Box, that is, "1 + 3"

How can I do that?)

Maybe there are other alternatives to the App Inventor where I can do it without knowing the code and without a paid subscription

Select a different setting when scan is finished, if you want screen switching/different orientation

Not sure if this is possible with the default barcode scanner. Others may know different...

Use the split block and split at = (space equal sign), then select item index 1 from list


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