Banner notification

Could I have a banner notification even without downloading an extension? How can I do?

Here is a sample ...

Declaration_of_Independence.aia (6.1 KB)

Unfortunately, you cannot send push notifications without the help of an extension.

since this program is very nice ... Instead of the push notification I would like to make a different app, take the text from a site (this text changes every 2 minutes) and see it above the app

Could you tell me the name of a free extension (so as to make an app) for push notifications?

Here's an extension that works for me.

One question, how can I turn off the notification ringtone?

I can't turn off the ringer

Open the Settings app. From there, search for "Apps." Click on your app, and click "Notifications." Set the notification ringtone to "none."

I would like to do it with blocks, can it be done?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like you can. You'll have to do it through the settings app.

Okay thanks