Banana doesn't give points

So i need to make donkey shot. That is a game where the ape needs to eat the banana. This is my problem: normally when the ape touches the banana i need to get a point but it doesn't work. When i touch the banana with my finger there comes a point.
Does anyone have some tips for it?
I am going to add a screenshot from my blocks.

Everytime the ape moves, check its coordinates against that of the banana. If they are equal, give the user a point (you might have to check this every n milliseconds to make sure you don't get multiple points for 1 hit; you might have to find n through trial and error).

...or, you could use this event:

The banana Touched event is the wrong event to use.

You need the event that fires when a Sprite contacts another Sprite.


Do you maybe now where i can find that block?

It should be under the ImageSprite blocks.
You could also use typeblocking to find it.

I can't find it. Is it possible to get a screenshot of the block?
Sorry for all the questions.


TYSM for your help!