Balloon Bopper -- a simple game using ImageSprite Speed and Direction

This is another quickly developed (1 day) game that uses MITAI2's ImageSprite Speed and Direction features to simulate falling balloons. The object of 'Balloon Bopper' is to 'bop' the balloons to keep them from reaching the bottom of the screen. There are up to 10 balloons on the screen at one time and as each balloon is spawned, its speed increases -- making it more challenging to juggle them all. A point is earned for each balloon that is 'bopped'. Since multiple 'balloons' are used, this is a good opportunity to use advanced blocks to handle the ImageSprite EdgeReached and Touched events. The First video is a playthrough of the game and the second video is a walk through the blocks used. While there are 10 ImageSprite 'balloons', you can easily add more without having to change any of the code other than the Balloons list.

Game Session:

Blocks Walk Through:

BalloonBopper.aia (4.8 MB)