Ball is interfere with the canvas pixelcolor?

Im making an app get pixelcolor of a canvas. Weirdly if i set the ball coordinates before get the canvas pixelcolor then it gives back the ball color. Seems a lot of thing is interfere with each other. Like previously discovered list item number of an other list in tha same for each item block. And some other.
Of course it is not a huge problem since easily avoidable by chgane of the blocks order, just thought i share it with you. And when the developers have a tonns of time :grinning: they will check it.

Ok, so it is a problem in a specific situation. If the ball is already in that position what we give or touch on the canvas, then it is unavoidable. Maybe with some timing code.

Edit: Ok, my workaround is switching OFF ball visiblility before pixelread and ON again after it.

Perhaps you are using the wrong Block to get the pixel color?

Consider, there are two Blocks that can help you determine Pixel Color:

pixelColor pixelColor2

If you want to ignore the ball, using GetBackgroundPixelColor might work for your app to perform the way you want it to, otherwise, use your 'work around'.

Hmm. You are right. I use thesecond one. Though i dunno why. I used the other one in the test phase. I was unattentive and changed it somewhere in the process.
Thank you!

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