Ball/imagespite tinydb

i am making a room reservation app, and is thinking of using a imagespite or a ball(colorchange) to indicate whether the room is available or not. i am using a tinydb to store room infos, and is thinking of adding the colorchange along with it. can anyone suggest how to make this work, or any alternative to make the goal happen? thank you!

The reservation is a table row with date and room as a compound key.

How to display should be totally removed from how you store it.

i added some screenshots to give a better description

Perhaps something like this:


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yeah, but i also want the color change to be saved. like when i close and open the app, the changes in colors would remain. i am using tinydb. my brain is not braining aisjhdiahsdia

This shows the requirements for one room:

A procedure could be created to handle all rooms, along with the use of the anySwitch components and possibly the everySwitch block.

If you can cope without using a floorplan image and just use rectangles (vertical arrangements), then you could use buttons (set to oval):


This would be a good use for SVG graphics in a Web Viewer.

You can build the SVG text on the fly.

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