Balance audio player

I'm using Taifun player.
In this extension we can set output volume.

on the other hand i saw this on,%20float)


Added in API level 1

public void setVolume (float leftVolume, float rightVolume)

Sets the volume on this player. This API is recommended for balancing the output of audio streams within an application. Unless you are writing an application to control user settings, this API should be used in preference to AudioManager#setStreamVolume(int, int, int) which sets the volume of ALL streams of a particular type. Note that the passed volume values are raw scalars in range 0.0 to 1.0. UI controls should be scaled logarithmically.

leftVolume float : left volume scalar
rightVolume float : right volume scalar

So how could it be possible to set different volume values (rigth and left) to audio player in AI ?

In Kodular the Player component has this method:


Maybe @Taifun can add this for his TaifunPlayer extension.

Thanks Anke...
if i use this in kodular and return to AI this still works ?

but i think it'd be great if Taifun add it !

No, unfortunately not.

What a pityt !
it seems kodular have a bit more possibilities...but i hate colors too much agressives ! :grimacing: