Bad List argument to Foreach

i got this error when i follow this tutorial

this the error

anyone know how fix that?

Your problem lies with your google apps script. Ensure you have the correct url for the script in your app, and that you have published/deployed it correctly after making any changes to the script.

If all that checks out for you, then we need to see the entire content of what is being returned (the second argument) to identify where you have a problem.

Because the web app script uses doGet(e), you can test if the script is working in your computer browser with this url:



This should return the contents of your spreadsheet to the browser (or, depending on your settings, save the data to a csv file) - or an error message if things aren't working

this the error message

Your spreadsheetID is incorrect

This my Spreadheet ID

Open your spreadsheet (is it your spreadsheet?), and check the ID in the url address bar

then in your app check it matches what you have in the variable id