Bad Gateway Error: Sending message using telegram bot

Hello. I would like to send message using Telegram Bot. However, I obtain a response content as per below:

{"ok":false,"error_code":502,"description":"Bad Gateway"}

My steps for the blocks are:

  1. Initialize the bot token
  2. Create a function that request the url, make a request using GET and POST HTTP method and then set the text that I want to post
  3. Click the button and run the function
  4. Set the label to reflect the web request

Hope to get help in solving this error. Thanks.

did you copy these blocks from somwhere or are these your own trials?
any link to the documentation of the API?
what happens, if you use the GET method?


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Hi @Taifun. I did the changes as per your instructions and it was successful. The button click will trigger the bot to send the message of label 1. Thanks!

These blocks are trials where I refer to the following links for assistance and reference:

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