Bad error count displayed, after deleting a repeated block

If I make a mistake and drag a repeated event block (for instance a second When Clock1 .Timer block), then 2 errors appear displayed on screen. That's fine.
But when I delete the repeated block, the error count remains to 2, as seen on the atached image.


The error count resets if I click on Show Warnings.
But it appears again to 2 as soon as I click in the up or down arrows to see the warnings.

Sorry. I was confused. In fact the total error count is correct (0), but the "2" on the screen seems to indicate that the second error is selected for review (of a total of 0 errors).

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  1. Please show your relevant blocks

  2. Please set the category to MIT App Inventor help first, once we find the problem, we will move it to bugs and other issues category (if the problem was a bug)

HI. Thanks for your help so soon.

1.- Here you are my blocks.
I just discovered the problem only happens if the repeated block is selected just before beeing deleted.

2.- Sorry, I don't know how to change the category after the topic has been created.

No problem I moved it

A text block should connect to another block (set blocks, listitem, dictionary, variables and...)
Also reload the site and take a look again

Thanks. I know.
I set those blocks unconnected on purpose, to demonstrate that, when clicking on the arrows to highlight and move the center of the screen to one of the warnings, the nearby display of the errors also changes, to show 2/0 (despite I already deleted the repeated clock block, and there are no longer errors).

This is not a real problem for my project.
I just thought it might deserve a fix.

There you are the project file, in case somebody feels like investigating.

ErrorCount.aia (1.4 KB)

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Did you reload it?
I don't see any problem! Even the show warning is clicked

For this to happen, you should start from this situation (highlight 2nd error):

Then delete the repeated clock block.

Then click on the up or down arrow for warnings.
And "voila": 2/0 errors displayed

Question: Why do you care when this bug/problem has nothing to do with you and doesn't change anything?

¿Things should work properly?

A couple of times I almost had a heart atack when I changed from Screen1 to Screen 2 in one big project, and I had >500 warnings and errors displayed.
Fortunatelly, they went off by clicking the "Show Warnings" button.

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I see the bug.

The m/n error count after the red X or yellow triangle says that the previous/next counter (2) has not been reset after the total error count (0) has been reset.

I would classify this as either an error of omission (updating the 2) or an attempt to preserve the prev/next context after the deletion of the error.

Though the bug is not a show stopper, it has educational value.