Bad arguments to <

Please help me.
I hope to find someone who helps with the problem I am currently facing. I encountered an error like this in the application that I made. I don't know what I need to fix. :termenung:

Thank you in advance.

Your error message is complaining about inputs to a '<' block.

But I don't see that block in your posted blocks.

So the next place to look is in the procedure processCommand, which you did not post.

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You are using Kodular not App Inventor. Please ask in the community of the builder you use. Builders are much to different these days just to post your questions anywhere.

oh hey .. looks like I reunited with time travelers here ... maybe this meeting will at least solve my problem like when I asked first .. :tersenyum:

does the error occur in this section block ?


May is ask why you keep asking here instead of the Kodular community? That is the builder you are using.

No '<' in this procedure, but now you have 5 others to check.

I advise adding a logger to your app, to capture those commands.
It would help identify garbage command fragments faster.

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oh sorry for that, I thought it was the same ... I guessed wrongly that it was different .. :termenung:

owh yep .. maybe I should check the others, but sorry in advance. do you have an example program block where I can enter the logger command ?

Capture logger.aia (2.4 KB) txbLog_Designer


I found new science to solve my mistakes in block making, and it was because of your help.

Thank you for your help, friend....

I'm really not as smart as you .. even when I try to justify. the error still appears.
maybe you want to help me? :termenung:

MotoScurity.aia (3.7 MB)

Last night I was catching up with the new season of the BBC series Endeavor, about the young brilliant detective Morse, recently demoted to beat cop.

One of his cop colleagues chided him that sometimes you need to apply shoe leather to a case, when brilliant deduction won't work.

This is a case where shoe leather is needed, looking for the blue math block < 5.

If you can code it, you can read it.

Here is the first example I found, in Screen1 of a prior load.

It's time for you to use your shoe leather.

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your project is a Kodular project, which can't be opened in MIT App Inventor...
it already has been said, that you should ask in the Kodular community...
and if you take a look at the error message carefully, you will realize, that the first argument is <L, this should be a number else you will not be able to use the < operation

PS: I will close this thread, for further questions please ask in the Kodular comunity...

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