Bad arguments to select list item

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It is working normally on the emulator, but isn’t working on the real cellphone showing the message like below;


What is the reason, and what is the way to fix?

Related blocks are like below;

To avoid that you can use Horizontal/vertical arrangements and change their visibility like
When Button1.Click
set VerticalArrangement1.Visible to false
set VerticalArrangement2.Visible to true

How is it working on emulator then ? I have no idea about it :smile:



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Does the problem arise on Screen1 or Screen2 ?
How are you switching screens ?
Where is the word_section tag/value created?

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I got.
The TinyDB1 of the Screen1 and that of the Screen2 are different in the real phone, and that shares together in the emulator.
Was it correct I understood?

In real phone , yes they are different.
As I mentioned before I don’t have a clue about emulator :smile: , because I prefer testing in real phone.

use 2 VerticalArrangements and a button to toggle between them, then it should work

But I don’t quite understand

Is there this component in AppInventor?

Va.aia (2.1 KB)
Check this

In both cases, it depends on the Namespace value of the TinyDBs, which determines the XML file name used for Tinydb components.
If you have not changed the default Namespace value (“TinyDB1”), you should find the same TinyDB1 in all screens of an app.

Your initialization error in a real device is probably caused by using an inappropriate notfound value in your initialization loads from TinyDB1, like a blank text block where an empty list is warranted.

See How to Deal with notfound from lookups

I have the same problem. I'm using only 1 screen and no tinyDB. Just a simple list which is stored in a file. It's running perfectly in the emulator but not as APK. When the failure occurs my mobile complete freezes. No back no forth. Any ideas?

Please show your relevant blocks

Topic is solved. I'm working with BLE at a high sampling rate. Apparently parameters stored in a file/list weren't available in time. Thus the "bad arguments" fault popped up.

Anyway thanks for your quick reaction