Bad arguments to replace list item


Im only using app inventor for school, so sorry if my question is stupid.
I’m trying to make a note taker, and when I want to edit the selected note appears the error “Bad arguments to replace list item. The operation replace list item cannot accept the arguments”. Where’s the error?

Is there data in the list global Titols ?
Are you loading global Titols from the tinydb when the screen initialises ?
Is your start value a number ?

Check all these things, use Do it with the companion

I checked all those things and I have it as you said, but it doesnt work yet, there’s any other solution?

Im trying to make a note taker (sorry for my bad english), but I can’t set the list viewer elements as the title of the notes. It only replaces the previous note with the new one (only appears one note, but I want to put all of them). How can I put the notes in different places of the list viewer?

This is the screen where I have the titles and where there’s the problem.

This one is where I add the notes

Where’s the error? Pease help

Try a different method, you can save the titles and notes in one list of lists…

notetaker.aia (3.5 KB)

Thank you very very much, now it works!!!

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