Bad arguments to height

Repetitive message that does not stop .

How can I get to the cause of the problem and solve


show your relevant blocks.

Notice that the word 'Height' is capitalized.

That probably means it is referring to the Height attribute of an on-screen component.
Also note that the argument to Height in the error message is '', an empty string.

Given the lavish layout of your app's table, I am guessing you are dabbling in component creation.

So I would look for places where you have not yet created a component but are asking its attributes, or perhaps tried to store a component in TinyDB, a fruitless endeavor that might return an empty string if you don't take care in specifying TinyDB defaults.

It was because I turned on some timers ( calculate canvas width and height ) without turning them off .


Thanks for telling us the cause.

That can help us in case others get this symptom.

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