Bad arguments to elements but nothing wrong with code?

In my code there is nothing that I can see that would make anything a problem, and while I can just tap out of the bad arguments to elements but I would prefer to not have it there in the first place.
The images below is my code for a qr code scanning part of my app that adds whatever free text in the qr codes to a list that I can remove said free text from or clear all. Thank you in advance if you can help at all :smiley:

Show the errors that arise, and indicate when then arise (for each error).

Also please show example content/result returned from qrcode scan.

There’s no issues with the scanning, and it works perfectly, and I haven’t had any issues at all with removing or clearing all of the items off the list. The error that pops up is in the image below

My "guess" is your blocks here:


Do things around the other way:

set global Scanlist to call TinyDB1.Getvalue
set ListView1.Elements to global Scanlist

Change that empty text block to a create empty list block.

nothing wrong with code

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It still gives the same error

Show your updated blocks. Also clear the cache of your compiled app or companion as you may have incorrect data stored in the tiny Db. You can also change the tinyDb tag to something else.

Try this example, working OK here

qrcodeScan.aia (2.6 KB)