Bad Arguments on Select List Item

I had a problem like this, I still can't figure out what's wrong with my blocks, although I tried to tried it on IDE, it works just fine. Am I missing the logic in the app ? Thank you.

For context : It is an app that give you particular question and you must answer. I had this from my lil brother, and first he declared some lists, for every option available, and also the answer. So that I think I should just do looping to get every question and answer and also validate the answer from user in every loop.

I can't figure out what's right with your blocks.

Could you explain why you loop through Screen1.Initialize?

I'm just thinking that when the screen initialize, I just loop all the question immediately

But where do you give the app user a chance to answer a question?

Sorry, I'm actually new to this app, so I've just read the .initialize, that it was done only once. So I think it wouldn't let the user to do any action related to a procedure when the procedure was done inside of it ?

And do I just need to take that off from that screen.initialize ?

Search the AI2 Gallery for 'quiz'
There must be lots of them.

I've checked and I found none of it :joy:


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Export your .aia file and upload it here.
(no promises)