Backup camera overlay (vehicle reversing)

Hi !
I need help to overlay this image over bg_overlay the image that is seen when I open the phone's camera. The idea is to function as a backup camera

Have a look here:

there may be something that can help you....

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Want to mount your phone on the back of your car? Most reversing cameras already have guide lines.

I don't need in my car. I want to overlay a gif image .

Try using @Taifun's image extension that has overlay option

image taken from Pura Vida Apps

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You will need to convert your gif to a transparent png, as per the instructions with Taifun's overlay function.

I have a png file !
Any chance to create wit MIT App Inventor :roll_eyes:

I don't know but cool video though :wink: :+1:

Maybe you could get some reference from this extension:

Thanks to all for help ! I solve my "problem"

Could you share your solution so that others may also learn ?

Yes ! This is

made with Kodular

Well, that is not an App Inventor solution is it ? :upside_down_face: