Backpack not working

When ever I try to open,add or use elements (blocks) from the backpack it does not open properly. None of the blocks are visible even after opening. After opening, the entire webpage starts hanging and not functioning properly.
Please get this issue resolved at the earliest!
Thanks for your concern!

Welcome. How should we know what the issue is? You give no further information. Are there a lot of block in the backpack, is it a big project, etc, etc. If you want help you have to give info.

Yes there are about 10-15 blocks in the backpack and it is not a very big project.
Please resolve this issue.
Thank You

There is an option to empty the backpack on the right click menu of the backpack icon.

That may clear your problem, if the blocks are unusually wide.

(I assume the blocks in the backpack are expendable.)

If it helps, at the time of writing the backpack works fine for me… Chrome, W10 8th Gen.