Backpack cannot scroll horizontally

When I open the backpack, the blocks appear too far on the left (partially out of sight), and there is no horizontal slider. So I cannot click in a complete block to recover it.

Is that a bug? Am I missing something? How can I horizontally scroll the backpack view?

Thanks & regards.

True for browser window width of < 1024px

Thank you.
I have to zoom out and in again, for my tired eyes, but at least I can do it now. Thanks again.

Thanks for the feedback @Antonio_GARCIA. I’ve filed this as an issue for us to look into:

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This is a major problem that makes the BACKPACK UNUSABLE!
Please give it high priority.
The BACKPACK has no scroll bars !
And defaults to left justifying everything mostly off screen !

While you are waiting, here are some workarounds:

  • Use external instead of inline sockets, to skinny down the blocks
  • Use procedures to switch to shallower code
  • Use the Download Blocks as PNG option and your working project directory for drag and drop

Actually its the opposite.
The WORKAROUND on my 1920x1200 monitor is to make the browser FULL SCREEN ( or over 1100px horizontally)
Move the horizontal scroll all the way to the left before click BACKPACK.
All the backpack blocks show with no truncation and ONLY THEN do you see a VERTICAL SCROLLBAR !
Anything less of a browser size --- no vertical scrollbar appears !
(A horizontal scrollbar never appears)

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