Background Tasks extension [3.8 A] 🥳

I cannot publish there for some reason :sweat_smile:. Let's not go into that :)

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Make tutorial, How use RegisterForEvent with clock/

Hello @Chudesa_Bojii. If you need to use the clock component then it's not recommended for that long time as you want to function every day at 9 PM. You need to use the execute function block else you will need to show a notification when to click it will open the app with start value and then you need to call StopService and again shedule it. I will make a tutorial when I will get time :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey :wave::blush:
I want a delete a file in my ASD of my app. I stored some data in the form of text file in my ASD. I want to delete that file in background so that user can't access that data of my app. Can you tell me how to do ? I tried but not working :disappointed: I delete that whole block :joy: because is not working.
Can you help me!


Can you show me the blocks you've created?

Then how should I help you :zipper_mouth_face:

I deleted because non-thing is working I am reading your document 4 times still not understand :disappointed::pleading_face:

Ok! I will again try and show

First do the thing using normal block. Then if you're stuck somewhere then get help here

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Hello everybody. I'm trying to build an application that reads data from Firebase, and whenever the data (eg temperature) exceeds a certain threshold (eg 20) it sends me a push notification. even when the app is closed. is it possible to make it happen?

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Yes, it's possible but if only the component is running in the Background or is alive. You could give it a try.

Please may add, start on boot and click on "Background task", in notification panel run programm.

Yeah sure. I have alredy started working on the new version of the extension. The newer version of the extension may take a week or more and I think releasing these many versions too quickly is not good. I have also final exams going on so it will be bit more late.


Sorry but I do not succeed to make the extension work on Kodular.
The companion do not support background tasks and the .apk doesn't work.
I tried on NotificationRepeat and BackgroundPlayer
Can you please explain me ?

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Hi @Vincent1, please post the blocks here so that we can try to help you out quickly. :)

I used the NotificationRepeat and the backgroundPlayer and I update the extension.

here the screenshot when I install the .apk

I cannot pick the button.

Ahh, I think you're using the AIA file which was for app inventor and not Kodular. Updating extension dosent do anything as the both of the extensions (Kodular supportive and AppInventor) are different. You should try to use the demo blocks and logics shown in the above blocks.

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here this is my program, it works very well, but it only works with the app running, I would like it to work in the background as well. how should i do?

I don't catch your mind.
The blocks are the same but with the

extension adapted to Kodular.


Gentle advisory:

The App Inventor community is a support forum for App Inventor. Other distributions, e.g. Kodular, have their own support communities. To avoid confusion, please provide support for other distributions on their respective forums, especially as you appear to have different extensions for each.

Thank you


I am currently working on other things and will post the blocks when get time. Thank you.

According to the new version of the extension which was released in the version name '1.0.1 A2' for AppInventor and'1.0 A' for kodular, the Logs block was removed as mentioned here:

You are working with the old and unsupported version. Can you create a new project and try it out? The Logs block was deprected and should not be visible.

I cannot access it for some reason ever. I understand this would create confusions and mess, but I dont have any option rather than making a separe topic for Kodular which is not allowed here. :zipper_mouth_face: So I dont have any options :confused:

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