Background picture lock ratio

When I try this with my real picture I lose on picture quality a lot.

The left is picture in right format for my phone with black background added to left and right to fit my phone resolution. On rhe right is the same picture that was scaled with TIMAI2 method.

Did you try Anke's method ?

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Her method is not working like I want...Her method is croping the image...I dont want to crop...just scale the picture that whole picture is seen on display (scaled in lock ratio) all othed parts filled with black color.

I tested also in Anke's method the picture is not clear (lost on quality)

It could be as a result of this issue

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From what I gather, the works were abandoned a very long time ago in the scaling and quality issue. Cannot recall any progress or updates being made since I asked.

cant beliveit...

In order for my approach to achieve the desired resolution, the original image must be uploaded with a higher resolution.

As you can see in this example the scaled image loses almost the half of the width px:


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Helo...If I put large picture its the same...the picture is not sharp

Hello..are here any inprovements?
I still need to put on backgound image which must be in lock ratio and not croped and not lose quality.

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No fix as of today

How is this possible?? Who wants to have background picture distorted??

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Does somebedy have some solution without loosing picture quality?

so many phones have different resolutions, how could the background image with no distortion and no crop? you have to take one .

This is also the reason why the launcher icon is embedded in the app in different resolutions on devices with different resolutions.

1 Like crop and no distrotion you can make in this way that you resize the picture to maximum screen fit and missing parts fill with selected color.
Nobody wants to have distorted photo on background.
I have a picture...and I want on every size of the phone not to be distorted (in ratio),maximum screen fit, and other partes of the screen in black color and also no picture quality lose.

Do you have a list of all the screen resolutions of all the phones ?

No...I want to make apk that fit all smartphones that are using today (in portrait mode)

What are the dimensions of your background image?