Background image does not load into phone

Whenever I try to to open the app in the companion, the background image that I've selected doesn't load and I get an error. The image is a JPG, size is 96kb and the name is image.JPG so I wouldn't understand why it won't load. There are no associated blocks inside the app. I forgot to mention this but the error has a "end application" button.

Upload your aia project here

Alright, I'll send it just give me a couple of minutes.

HighFleet.aia (115.5 KB)

Not quite true about there being no blocks :wink: However,

Images displays OK with me here, Companion Android 10.

Try disabling the clock, is all I can think of for you.

What does the clock have to do with the background image, can you give me a different way to get a timer?

Just for testing, given the loading of the image and the firing of the clock will both happen on Screen1.Initialise

So should I make the clock start by a prompt inside the app instead of it automatically starting with the app?

Try this

HighFleet_empty.aia (94.4 KB)

Does the image load ? If so, there is something in your blocks causing the problem. I would recommend you do not use a table arrangement, but use vertical and horizontal arrangements to lay out your buttons.