Background color switch

I found an issue where on the AI companion when I switch the background color to black on screen 2 it changes the background color of screen 1 as well, it only changes when i refresh the screen by doing a action.

Can you provide an aia project which demonstrates this problem?

Bug.aia (2.8 KB)


Setting Screen1 background to "None" or "a colour other than Default" seems to be a workaround

(this only tested in companion)

I think this should only affect the companion. The companion simulates multiple screens by clearing the current screen to draw the new screen. When you switch to Screen2, this sets the background to black. When you switch back to Screen1, the screen is cleared and Screen1 is drawn. The caveat here is that to conserve bandwidth App Inventor does not send the default values, so the background color is never reset to white. In a compiled app, the separate screens are distinct objects so there won't be a problem.

There is an internal method that is supposed to reset the screen's default values, so my guess is that the bug lies somewhere in that method.

Thanks for the report.