Background applications

First of all excuse my English is not my native language, I use the google translator

Notice - The apps don't work with Kodular only in AppInventor

Notice - For the applications to work you must compile (they do not work in the Companion)

Since the latest version of App Inventor (nb186a), the use of services is allowed, for this the developers must program extensions for this purpose

I have developed two applications that use two Ullis Roboter Seite extensions specifically:

1.- AI2 Notifier Extension
2.- AI2 Keep Alive Extension

With number 1 I have created an alarm app that works perfectly in the background, even if the application is closed.
You need the help of the Taifun extension (TaifunBatteryOptimization)
As mentioned, it works perfectly, it allows an alarm with sounds, but for this the user must manually give it permission in the Notification Channel to use sounds.
You also allow Badges (with pending notifications), although it has not worked for me

It seems that apps compiled with the TaifunBatteryOptimization extension are not allowed by Google Play, but there is another way to allow the app to run in the background without restrictions as follows:

1.- Open System Settings
2.- Press Battery and Performance
3.- Press Battery Saver in applications
4.- Look for the app "Alarma" and click on it
5.- In the background settings select "No restrictions"

We can take the user through an AcitivityStarter to this configuration (someone would know how)

With the second extension (AI2 Keep Alive Extension), create an app that counts the steps, although the application is asleep (if it is closed it does not work), this extension creates a service in the foreground with its corresponding notification

For what functions does the user need to configure the app to work in the background without restrictions in the same way as in the Alarm app, in this app the Taifun extension does not work

With all these requirements the app works correctly and counts all the steps, it is not convenient to make an app that counts the steps continuously since the Pedometer of the app inventor counts the steps well when we walk, but it also counts them when we are on a bus or in a car, so it can be used as an exercise app with a Start and Stop button

Alarmas.aia (136.7 KB)

Walking.aia (107.1 KB)

Un saludo


1.- AI2 Notifier Extension (
2.- AI2 Keep Alive Extension (


Muy bueno Mario,

¿Sabes cómo podría hacer para que por defecto todos los días a determinada hora se active la alarma? Me gustaría que en mi app salga una notificación todos los días a modo de recordatorio (como hace duolingo).


Very good Mario,

Do you know how I could do so that by default every day at a certain time the alarm is activated? I would like a notification to appear in my app every day as a reminder (like duolingo does).


The Alarm Manager extension is able to do it


Thank you Taifun

I was trying to achieve it with the extension Mario shared. The solution I found for the moment is to set the alarm with the duration mills from the moment the user starts the app to the time I set for the next day, it's not perfect but it's a workaround.

Later I'll check your extension Taifun, thanks again.

Hi Mario1 ,
I have gone through your above conversations , please tell me have you came across any solution to the app where an alarm rings when our battery is charged 100% ?
As I am also working on same project and had been stuck as it's not working when the mobile screen is off .
Please let me know your suggestion for this issue.